Monday, March 14, 2011

Loving Hut

The first Loving Hut opened in Taiwan just 3 years ago. Since then, it has been established as the fastest growing international vegan chain of restaurants with over 120 branches (in 19 countries!) worldwide. Wow!

My former roommate introduced me to The Loving Hut a year and a half ago. I wasn't that impressed the first time around, so it wasn't until recently that Jon and I went back and this time was a much better experience.

I love when restaurants have photos of what their food looks like. It makes a world of difference when you're vegetarian and you can see the type of "meat" they use in advance; some textures/styles/brands of "meat" aren't very good so it helps knowing what you might like and what to avoid. When I saw their online menu was chock-full of photos I was very pleased.

First we started with an appetizer of golden wontons, the plum dipping sauce was great.

Because of the online menu, I knew going in that I wanted to try the Golden Noodle Soup with Wontons.

The broth was delicious!

Jon got the grilled sensation, grilled soy chick'n with rice and vegetables.

We finished up with dessert, a slice of carrot cake and cheesecake.

Location: 1905 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, California 92104
more locations listed here


  1. I love when restaurants have photos too. It definitely makes the decision easier esp at thai and chinese places that have a million diff things on the menu. The wonton and soup looks so good!

  2. mmm looks delish!! reminds me of the Pho Vietnamese soup I JUST had tonight! just wanted you to know I received my giveaway win today in the mail - thanks SO much again! blogging about it now! x

  3. Yay! I'm glad they made it there safely! xo

  4. p.s. bought the new Eisley cd - hello amazing!