Tuesday, March 29, 2011

link love v.5

Another hilarious corresponding email.

I'm loving this vegan backpacker blog, so many wonderful photos. Traveling and eating vegan food? That's pretty much all I do (or want to do for that matter).

Cribcandy, seriously full of awesome candy for your crib.

Guys, I'm a HUGE seafoam lover (aka honeycomb) and when I get better at making candy, I will be trying this recipe.

If you haven't already, could you leave me some feedback about my blog by filling out this 5 question survey?

I agree with Danielle, this is such a cute pregnancy announcement.

Shanalogic is another super cute online store of handmade and independently designed items.

Do you ever play Jewel Quest? I could (and have) play this game for hours.

Totally in love with this Londoners blog! Make sure to enter her cute giveaway.

What an elegant Paris wedding; this girl definitely got to live out her dream wedding.


  1. These are all great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for sharing! the pregnancy announcement is too cute! what a fun idea (if I ever do decide to pursue motherhood ;))

  3. You are ADORABLE! Thank you for all the lovely, caring, sweet and thoughtful messages you've left on my blog :D What a treat! And for linking, that is so sweet of you. Can't wait to read back this precious little pocket of the internet you have created.
    PS All my jewelery pretty much comes from Camden Market in London, cheap and cheerful!

  4. Bee, you are so cute! and no problem!

    ps; I have never been to London, but have always wanted to... now I want to even more!

  5. I hadn't seen that vegan backpacking blog before, thanks for sharing the link!