Saturday, March 19, 2011

taco night

Fresh & Easy carries these awesome jalapeño and cilantro bad boys, so last night we had tacos!

I love all sorts of veggie crumbles for different things, but for taco meat, I really like using the morning star meat crumbles. I just use regular taco seasoning, as it is vegetarian.

Yummy salsas and toppings.


Bon appétit!


  1. We have no food in the house, and I just ate ten frozen chicken nuggets (cooked, of course). It was so disgusting. This looks great! Maybe I'll steal your idea and make it for dinner!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. oh wow i love this:

    Where'd you get it? It's perfect for taco or fajita nights!

    These tacos look delicious btw. I am starving!

  3. Brittany, you should, I can eat tacos any night of the week and be satisfied. Mmm. Plus, its so cheap and easy!

    Megan, that's the only photo that isn't mine! Haha. I put the [via] under the photo with the flickr link that it was on. I found it by googling taco toppings, ha!

  4. yum! i always almost get those morning star taco meat things. maybe next time i will. burritos are sounding really good right now.

  5. Liz, you really should! They are SO GOOD. I also like using them as a meat substitute in spaghetti!

    (if you do make tacos though, just make sure to use a little less water than the taco seasoning calls for)

  6. those wraps look like they taste soooo good.

  7. how do you cook the crumbles? in a pan? I always end up with really mushy crumbles when I do the pan method.

  8. yes, i cook them in a pan. if you make meat crumbles with taco seasoning, always make sure to use LESS water.

    if you are making something like spaghetti, just cook them in light oil :)