Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 337

The past two weeks we've been Mac-less due to a crashed hard drive, so while we're fixing/retrieving/upgrading I've had to power up my old dusty laptop. Of course I started looking through old pictures and I came across Project 337, I got beyond excited to share it here with you...

In 2007, a Salt Lake City downtown building that was about to be demolished was turned over to the art community in Utah. Adam and Dessi price, owners of the building, started this project only knowing one local artist. Three months later, the art project was complete.

In the end, over 144 artists participated in the project (including a good friend of mine), with 42 rooms revamped. 7,500+ people toured through the building during the six days it was open. It was one of the most incredible things to see and something I will always remember. A few months after the bulding was torn down.

Photos are in collage form to save room.
Click photos to make bigger.
All photos were taken by me.

My two absolute favorite pieces from the show...

Also, a little video featuring Adam Price and some of the artists.


  1. wow this is incredible! i love it. it reminds me of the hotels that have each room decorated with different artists. love the graffiti!

  2. This is amazing! Those photos are great.

  3. That's so neat. I would have loved to see it! It's a shame it was torn down...

  4. How cool! PS- have I mentioned how much I love your picture calander?

  5. All these pictures are amazing! It must have looked great:)!

  6. Megan, like these hotels? LOVE.

    Danielle, thank you thank you!

    Prairie, thanks, you can get one of your own too!