Monday, April 4, 2011

Disney World (1/3): Epcot

We're home from Florida and just picked up our computer after it was in the shop for a month due to a crashed hard drive. It's nice to have most of our music and pictures back, but it's still sad knowing that some things are gone forever. I highly recommend backing up your data and if anything ever goes fishy with your computer, take care of it immediately.

Okay! Onto Disney World!! I'm going to be posting our trip in three parts, for each day that we visited. We didn't take as many photos as I had hoped, but the weather was awful for the majority of our trip.

Tuesday: Epcot

We woke up bright and early and made it to Epcot at open. This was pretty much the only time we saw sunshine...

obligatory jumping photo #1

Club Cool, pretty much the same thing as World of Coca Cola that I visited and blogged about from Vegas. Jon and I didn't spend much time in Club Cool, but I had to see if there were any flavors that I hadn't tried in Vegas--nope!

Epcot currently has the International Flower and Garden Festival going on (until May 15th) and all of the flowers, gardens and topiaries were amazingly well done and so colorful!

Disney World was even growing artichokes!

My favorite ride at Epcot had to be Test Track!

After we left the park we went out for dinner at Portabello in Downtown Disney, across the street from our hotel. The lighting was too dim and my photos didn't turn out. All is well though, because this place was wayyyy overpriced and not even that good. The best thing about dinner was having Jon try pistachio gelato for the first time!


  1. that looks like so much fun! i love epcot, i got to go down there last summer :)

  2. ah it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! i'm jealous! i love your jumping picture haha

  3. Pooh Bear! I love him! I've never been to Epcot. Looks like huge fun. Happy day!

    PS- I'm hosting a jewelry Giveaway on my blog today. Please come and have a peek!

  4. Whaaa?!? You were practically in my back yard! Were you here for the monsoon? It was crazy.

  5. epcot looks like a cool place, the poor bear looks so neat! I’ve never been to Florida, so this is all very interesting to see :) and thanks for the recommendation of miso harney! I’m going to run it by my boyfriend so we can try it next time =)