Thursday, April 21, 2011

more presents!

One of my favorite things from other people's travels are postcards! Jon has known since the day we started dating that if there is a trip being taken, which happens often in this household, it's imperative that a postcard had better follow. I've collected a few dozen postcards from friends, family members and internet buddies over the years.


Jon sometimes brings me home extra goodies because he knows that I can't afford to travel as much as he does. Here were my presents from Boston (and I'm sure a postcard is somewhere in route):

new toothbrush holder, i love teeth!

artichoke parmesan dip

something pretty

rad book he found for himself and $1 to boot

ps; We saw Scream 4 this afternoon and it was superb. So many clever one-liners and not all that predictable (until near the end). It absolutely made my month!


  1. The toothbrush holder is super cute!

    I heard Scream 4 was terrible...hmm maybe I will go see it!

  2. well i really loved the first three. the fourth is silly, but not as bad as i had imagined or heard!

  3. loooooove that toothbrush holder!
    what a nice bunch of presents!! lucky girl!!

  4. I loved Scream 4 too! The one-liners totally made the entire movie! I think most people expected it to be something it's not... haha...

    I LOVE all your cute presents! love the toothbrush holder!!