Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Short trip to Solvang

My mom flew into Long Beach last week, so I picked her up and we drove to Solvang, a little danish community about 40 miles north of Santa Barbara.

First, I took her to Melrose Ave in LA. We stopped at my favorite store, Necromance and got some ice cream from Scoops.

sadly, no salty chocolate this time...

Then we dealt with LA traffic for 2 hours. Seriously guys, I loathe LA. I can count on one hand the amount of good things to come out of LA.


Our condo was bigger than my apartment! Since there was no wi-fi and zero cell service, it felt like I was 14 and camping with my mom all over again, ha! After dinner (stay tuned for the best stuffed artichokes this Foodie Friday) I noticed there was a secluded hot tub next to our room so I took advantage of having it all to myself, very relaxing.

Thursday we grabbed breakfast from The Belgian Cafe. Granola on waffles was news to me, but let me tell you that was the start of a new obsession. If you haven't had it yourself, try it!

We walked the small town and peeked around all the quaint shops.

So many bakeries!

I was in matryoshka doll and spoon rest heaven, they were everywhere!

Since my mom had never been to Santa Barbara, we drove down for some shopping and Thai food. Unfortunately it drizzled all day, but a good time nonetheless. Properly introduced her to Lush and finally got a strawberry milkshake bath bomb for myself... can't wait to use it!

mmm spicy noodle basil for lunch

Church of Skatan...skate shop inside of a church...AWESOME

Friday morning was all about Danish Pancakes (somewhere between a crepe and a pancake), with warm apples and powdered sugar on top!

And what's a trip up north without stopping at Cafe Rio? So on the drive back I had to stop and bring home surprise burritos for Jon and I.


  1. Want to go there now! Looks so yummy!

  2. What an adorable place! Totally looks like you guys went out of the country! :D

    Everything looks SO delicious. I'm so jealous!

  3. So glad you tried the pancakes! Originally went there to try the wine - but the pancakes left a bigger impression. Yum.... I've been looking upnrecipes to make em at home ever since you reminded me about them.

  4. OMG I am so jealous. Solvang totally reminds me of my childhood and road trips with my family. I need to go back and drag my bf along. All these pancakes/waffles are making me jealous. I looove a good pancake/waffle. You look so much like your mom too!

  5. This little town is darling! I love places in the US that look like they're in Europe like Holland, MI and Helen, GA. I've never been to the west coast but this seems like a great stop.

  6. Belle, thanks again for the recommendation!

    Megan, thank you! I love when people tell me I look like my mom because I think she's super foxy.

  7. Kuleigh, you should definitely make it out to the west coast, I love it here!

  8. You and your mommy are so dang cute. On a different note, I honestly thought the bath thingy was edible. It looks tasty!

  9. looks like soooo much fun! and great food - one of my favorite parts of travelling! I love going on trips with my Mom!

  10. what a cute little town!

    thanks for stopping by the blog!


  11. what an awesome little trip! i wish i could spend some alone time like that with my mother. l love everything about this blog post! <3

  12. Tiffany, Lush does have some things that you can eat! Lotions and hand bars, so weird!

    Lauren, I definitely miss my family a lot more living in another state now. I cherish the times I do get to see them. We need to meet up back in SLC again! ...or disneyland ;)

  13. what a cute little area, i'll have to make the hubby take me next time we venture to LA.

  14. The community looks so quaint and adorable. Umm...I want all of that food. Seriously, every single bit. It looks so freaking good. Especially the Thai and the burrito and the waffle and the pancake elephant ear thing and the ice cream.

  15. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  16. I love Solvang! My husband and I went there on our first weekend getaway when we started dating and I want to go back for a babymoon after the baby is born. I am pretty sure we had breakfast at that same place. <3

  17. Solvang is a delightful Danish community located in Santa Barbara County in California. Danish bakeries, smorgaasbord restaurants, windmills, and folks in authentic native costumes give visitors a taste of “old country” Danish life.