Friday, April 29, 2011

Foodie Friday: Dining Out For Life

I'm happy that Jon and I both had the day off so we could partake in Dining Out For Life yesterday, such a great cause and a lot of generous restaurants willing to help out their community.

For breakfast we popped into Filter Coffeehouse. Jon got a regular iced coffee with a banana nut muffin and I got my regular vanilla soy blended chai. Filter uses Big Train Chai, my absolute favorite!

dress: thrifted
belt: h&m
purse: target
shoes: target
sunnies: no names from a shop in old town
polish: peas and q's by opi

For lunch I made a quick snack (long to make, quick to devour) artichoke.

For dinner we met a few friends at Blind Lady Ale House, somewhere I've been wanting to take Jon because it's one of the few places that offers potato pizza.

Our friends are having a baby, so Jon picked up this adorable Keith Haring bib while he was in NYC.

After dinner we grabbed some dessert from Mariposa ice cream parlor, where all the ice cream is made in house. I was really craving a root beer float, but I opted for the mint cookie ice cream. Jon got a scoop of the banana walnut ice cream.

Perfect day full of awesome/guilt-free food, all of which helped raise money for AIDS service organizations :)

Did you eat out for Dining For Life?


  1. ahh, blind lady, so good!!!!
    they have the best salads, and pizzas are super good too! It's one of my fav. splurges, because it's kind of pricey...

  2. that's very true, it is pricey. neither of us drink, so we didn't have to worry about alcohol, but it looks like they have a lot of good brews... at least a lot of choices!

  3. mmm, i bought oregon chai to put in my espresso at home today!

    i made potato pizza one night and steve wasn't feeling it. i'm going to do it again.

  4. this dress is so bright (the picture doesn't do it justice), that this was the first time I ever wore it out! i love it, though!

    and orgeon chai is pretty good. that was the first chai i ever tried and my mom would keep it in the fridge growing up. love mixing it with soy!

  5. nevermind lady, i just read your post! bbq pizza=awesome!!