Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my giveaway loot

This post is long overdue, but better late than never. After winning Sometimes Sweet February giveaway, I got so many goodies in the mail! I was holding off on posting all my sweet loot because not everything has arrived, but for what did arrive and to all of her lovely sponsors...

Miss You Salt Lake City print from CAPow!
(Crystal is hosting a giveaway here if you would like to enter for your chance to win!)

Delicious recipe cards that I plan to use as postcards and a pastel dress from Opal Vintage

Triangle glass locket (with a little feather included!) from Moon and Sable

Cute antique brass necklace from A Beautiful Journey

2011 'Year In Yes' calendar from Yes and Yes

These two prints from The Little Illustrator

Awesome hair products from Lisa B. They all smell so delicious and I really love the smooth essence/anti-frizz stuff, it works wonders.

I also recently won this neat handmade print from A Wild Tonic

Thanks again, fellow bloggers!


  1. that dress is gorgeous on you!!! so much fun stuff!

  2. wow, look at all that loot! Glad you like your print :)

  3. Erica, thanks! I had to take the sides in a little since I have such a small chest.

    Crystal, I LOVE my print. I wish I could win another ;) thanks again!

  4. Im so very sorry I havent gotten your magnets to you yet :( they will be on the way shortly (along with an amazing gift I also got on etsy for your bday!) woo. Love you.

  5. ainsley, that dress really is oh so very cute on you! eep!

  6. I have your giveaway prize sitting on top of my entertainment center right now and still haven't mailed it. I'm the worst! I'm glad you got all your other goodies though :). I'll get my act together and mail my portion of your prize ASAP!

  7. Lauren, thankssss! I don't think I own anything pastel and I don't know whether to keep it long or cut it short! But when I saw it in her shop, I knew it was what I wanted!