Sunday, April 24, 2011

lightlife #5

#5: Smart Sausages - Italian Style

Whatever toppings you desire is optional. I really like onions with sausage, so I chose to have fresh diced tomatoes and (lots of) sautéed onions on mine!

Lightly coat small skillet with oil or butter and sauté onions on medium heat for about 3 minutes. Add however many sausage links you would like to your pan of onions and cook an additional 4-5 minutes, turning the sausage(s) as they brown.

While the sausage links are cooking, heat up the hot dog buns. Once your onions and sausage(s) are cooked the way you want them, put em on your buns and pile the toppings on! the end, I even added a little thousand island dressing.

What I liked: The sausage had a lot of flavor and paired very nicely with the onion. I could see myself eating these not only on a hot dog bun, but in spaghetti and even on pizza.

What I disliked: Nothing. At first they seemed a little thick, but then I remembered Italian sausages are thick!

Thanks again, lightlife!


  1. i think this might be my new favorite blog...we eat all the same foods dude! ha! i dont know if you eat eggs but we love to slice these up and fry them and add them to a fritatta...bottom layer purple potatoes, then sausage, then eggs and kale mixed together, with some rice cheese on top (its also really good with goat cheese if you eat that).

  2. yay! i recently and very occasionally started eating eggs again... that sounds super fancy, i like it.

  3. mmmmm...yum yum that looks like a delicious meal :)

  4. Ainsley, can I come over and eat all the delicious food you always make?! Haha The cinnamon roll pancakes and now this! Everything looks so delicious and I can't wait to try the recipes!