Friday, April 8, 2011

Foodie Friday: Giordano's

The night we checked into our hotel in Florida, I was skimming the book of nearby places to eat and Giordano's had a picture of this magnificent looking deep dish pizza. Since they were near closing and we were pooped from the 10 hours of travel and 3 hour time difference, we trekked over to Giordano's on Wednesday night for dinner.

We walked a mile in the rain and had already previously looked at their online menu, so we knew exactly what we were getting when we arrived. They killed it having pictures listed on their website ::drool::

The other side of this sign was so awesome, but for some reason is now covered by those giant lights. It read: Thou Shall Eat Pizza

Bruschetta, the menu said nothing about having capers so I was a little disappointed with that.

Chopped salad for me.

Cheese deep dish with green olives (per Jon's request).

Location: 7866 W Irlo Bronsn Mmrl Hwy Kissimmee, Florida 34747
55+ locations in Illinois and Florida


  1. wow, that pizza looks crazy good
    Forever Chic,

  2. holy crap! look at the cheese in that baby! um...yum!
    p.s. thanks for the bloglovin' push...i keep hearing about it but i havent really looked into it...i'm giving in...i think its time. ;)
    xo. happy trails!

  3. Oh my lord. I need this. I'm not feeling well today and really have no appetite but pizza sounds so good, and that one looks perfect!

  4. There is a Giordano's in Chicago too. Their pizza is amazingly yummy!

  5. Giordano's deep dish pizza is always delicious!! Love how much cheese is on it :)