Friday, July 22, 2011

Foodie Friday: Trader Joe's Yellow Curry

I'm not a curry fan, but Evergreen made me a true believer once upon a time so Jon and I like to make a similar yellow curry with potatoes and carrots when I'm missing home...

Evergreen curry vs. Trader Joe's curry

What you will need:

6-8 small yellow potatoes
3 whole carrots
1 bottle thai yellow curry sauce
1/2 can light coconut milk
brown or white rice


1. Cut potatoes and slice carrots into bite size pieces and boil them together in a pot.

2. Once tender, drain all the water and transfer to a large skillet.

3. Pour entire bottle of yellow curry sauce over the potatoes and carrots.

4. Pour only half the can of light coconut milk over the mix and simmer on medium heat. Cover.

5. Everything should take about 10 minutes to cook thoroughly, just be sure to stir frequently.

6. While simmering, this would be a perfect time to cook your rice. We used Trader Joe's microwave rice pouches, they take three minutes and cook perfectly.

7. Plate your rice and pour curry mix over the top, enjoy!

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  1. Yummm I LOVE curry! I've never had curry with coconut milk in it before. I usually make Japanese curry! I like it super spicy :D

  2. I love spicy food as well. We added a little coconut milk to make it sweeter, but it just worked well with the yellow curry! Try it sometime! By the way, do you have Trader Joe's in Denver, I don't remember seeing one when I visited...?

  3. OH! all your images are missing on the second page :(

  4. Katyha, thanks for the heads up, the images will be back on Friday!