Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY - frame for polaroids

After stumbling upon Meredith's DIY frame + 52 weeks of instax project I thought this would be an excellent idea for one of Jon's birthday gifts. I had a lot of fun making it, with the help of a friend, and very happy with the turnout!

What you will need:

wood frame, wire or some sort of string, frame hanging eyelets, mini or regular size clothespins, ruler or measuring tape, pencil and possibly a hammer.

I originally wanted to buy a frame, sand it a bit and paint it orange, but I came across this lovely, already rustic-esque blue frame that works well with the colors in our living room.

You'll want to measure and mark the distance between eyelets to match on each side so the string or wire will hang straight. This is where a hammer came in handy, lightly hammer the eyelet in where you marked until you can grasp it and twist them tightly in.

Now feed your string between eyelets, tying tight knots!

You can clip the string to not show or leave it long, whatever your preference. If you use wire, twist the wire to make sure it isn't poking out.

Lastly, hang the frame and clip all your photos on with clothespins.


  1. This is so great! I love the frame you chose. I made something similar for my earrings and have it hanging in the bathroom. It's a lot smaller but so handy! XOXO

  2. Lovely idea! It came out great too :)

  3. awesome. thanks so much for sharing. such a lovely idea.

  4. your blog is awesome! how am i not already following you? following now.


  5. Just a heads up - I'll be stealing this idea, if I ever get around to owning an instax mini! I want one for my Europe trip so badly.

  6. This came out so well! And thanks for the how too, ive seen similar ideas around the webs and have been thinking this would be cute for printed out instagram pics...

  7. Aw your frame looks so great!! Thanks for showing me!! :-)

  8. This is so freaking amazing! I want an instax mini camera so badly, and if I ever get one- I'm so stealing this idea!

  9. Great idea! I think this will make a great birthday gift for anyone! I can't wait to get pictures together for the one I will make. Also Alli, what a great idea to use for a jewelry holder.

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