Friday, July 15, 2011

Foodie Friday: a whole mess of snacks

Instead of picking one particular item to share with you this week, I'm going to dump a few of my favorites and regulars out. Also, can I just add that Trader Joe's should just sponsor me already?! ;)

Holy cow! Look at this lemon that Jon picked off his co-workers lemon tree. It was delicious with just a little salt and a spoon!

You know what else is good with a splash of salt (and pepper)? Tomatoes.

Garlic edamame, recipe here. Super easy, healthy and one of my ultimate favorite snacks!

Trader Joe's mini ice cream cones, Marty-size if you will. ;)

Charleston Chews, but they must be frozen!

Mmm mmm In n Out. My secret, order your grilled cheese or burger "extra toasted" and make sure to get your fries/burger "animal style".

I'm a fan of pomegranate seeds, but I don't like the graininess after chewing them for a while. If I'm not the weirdest person I know, then I don't know who is...

Artichokes, duh. Can you tell which one was bigger?

Chips and salsa, can you think of a better snack or something easier/tastier to bring to a party?

How about a veggie burger and smiley fries? These automatically put me in a better mood if I'm having a rough day.

Trader Joe's organic strawberry lemonade to wash it down...

Quinoa + carrots + garlic + soy sauce, a regular around these parts. Recipe here.

Popcorn and theater butter only! I actually love day old popcorn more than fresh popcorn (even more so if it's from the theater), so although I may not eat a lot during our movie, you better believe I will eat the entire thing for lunch the next day!

Adding hot sauce to popcorn is also necessary. :)

These Trader Joe's charmingly chewy chocolate chip cookies. Even Marty approves!


  1. So much drooling happening right now!!! Yum!

  2. i want to make the edamame for frank!

  3. i whole heartedly agree that trader joe's should sponsor you!

  4. yummm. omg i'm so hungry right now! those smiley fries are cracking me up hahaha.

  5. Dang, I didn't know there was lemons that big!!

    Your cat is so adorable.

  6. HOLY. that is the biggest lemon I've ever seen. Have you tried the green tea from fresh and easy? SO GOOD!

  7. Diana, I have not! But I lovelovelove their raspberry and strawberry lemonade... definitely a must-try!

  8. That lemon is so amazing! Did it taste sweeter than an average lemon? I have read that the lemons grown in Sorrento, Italy can be peeled and eaten like an orange. I dream of them all the time!

  9. Alli, the lemon was actually really sour! I was surprise because I know what you mean about fresh lemons handpicked off a lemon tree, they are usually sweeter. But I love the sourness of lemons, so I was all about it ;) ... and now I have even more desire to go to Italy!

    Saucy, I get them from the grocery store. I think these ones came from Ralphs!