Friday, June 10, 2011

Foodie Friday: Jyoti Bihanga

Jyoti Bihanga always kind of terrified me because when you walk in the servers look like hippies that dress in robes and worship this one dude who's pictures are everywhere and a video of him playing on repeat. But everyone and their dog in San Diego raves about this place (and their "neatloaf") that specializes in vegan/vegetarian cuisine.

I never was a fan of Jyoti's... for dinner. But after Jon dragged me here twice for Sunday brunch buffet (which they are only sporadically open for), I've since changed my mind. Me, the hater of buffets, gave it a shot and I actually really loved the food options for brunch: tofu scramble with veggies, biscuits, potatoes, an awesome mushroom gravy/sauce, beans, rice, tortillas, fresh fruit, french toast, pancakes and apple cake... to name a few.

Although it will never be a regular like Sage's Cafe once was, I would definitely suggest their Sunday brunch!

I even got this nifty little button from a new friend that all the greedy coffee fiends I serve all day can see on my apron!

Location: 3351 Adams Ave San Diego, California 92116
Neighborhood: Normal Heights


  1. That looks so good. I live in San Diego and have never even seen this place! So glad I found your blog<3

  2. Yay! If you go make sure to call ahead of time and ask what sundays of that month they are open. And let me know what you think!

  3. i walk by this place on the way to the shipping supply store, and it creeps me out. not going to lie.

  4. I tried eating there last month! I love the food.