Thursday, June 9, 2011

link love v.9

I can't believe I've never seen this Sony commercial; I loved the version of Heartbeats and what an incredible thing to witness in San Francisco.

It's funny that I don't like cucumbers, but i love pickles. This recipe for pickling cucumbers looks too good to pass up.

Watch at your own risk, this proposal is a tearjerker. Admittedly, I cried during almost all 7 minutes of it.

Lunches are usually packed up in a tupperware dish and baggy around here, but I think it's time to invest in one (or maybe one of each color) of these cute/handy/awesome bento lunch boxes by Goodbyn!

These vegan pink lemon cupcakes are too adorable and perfect for summer!

This kitty mama hugging her baby is too adorable.

I think I'm obsessed with Beca's wooden glasses and sunglasses, I've yet to buy a pair because I can't make up my mind of which pair I want!


  1. i literally love every link - i want that lunchbox, haha!

  2. Hilarious, I LOVE cucumbers and hate pickles! haha :)

  3. How is it possible for one to not like pickles?! One of life's unanswered questions... ;)

  4. Beca's sunglasses are awesome! I'm needing to buy a pair myself!

  5. thanks for linking to my cupcakes!!! you are a doll<3

  6. I looove pickles and hate cucumbers too. Pickles win! Thanks for posting about those sunglasses, I want.

  7. um, that video... are you kidding me?! i hate you so much right now! (oh, but then that line just made me think of that terrible song from kelis, i think it was... )

    okay, but really, that was fucking absurd. i bawled like a babe.