Thursday, June 16, 2011

salt city/portland: part 1

Sorry I've been a bit MIA. I returned home last night after a long and much needed trip home to Salt Lake and a mini trip inside that vacation to Portland/Vancouver. I didn't intend on being away for so long, but it was nice to unplug and enjoy some time with friends and family.

I'm not even going to attempt to fit my entire vacation in one post, so the my next few posts will be sort of a photo dump (Salt Lake > Portland > Salt Lake) with some stories along the way!

Thursday: This little lady never approves of my departure.

Between the airport and my opa's work, my moms car broke down and this happened.

So there is this store called the NPS that my opa is particularly obsessed with and EVERYTHING is on sale. They carry damaged items or items that don't sell well; everything from clothing to electronics to an entire warehouse of food.

Anyone else remember these juice barrels?!

That's not creepy?

Toilet paper anyone?

Of course if you can get 5lbs of fresh tomatoes for under $1, homemade salsa is in order.

...and opa makes his infamous homemade tortillas weekly.

Dinner with Tiffany at my favorite sushi restaurant, Tsunami!

Haaaaaaaaaaalt! Saw this as we were leaving, obvious photo opportunity.

I FaceTime with my cat, don't judge me.

Friday: slice of Great Harvest cinnaburst and soy mocha

...with Nick Party.

Chill out bb girl.

and finally Meditrina with my mama. The baseball game was going on across the street so the wait was atrocious, but worth it in the end--love this place!

Basilico and patatas bravas. Not pictured: grilled granny smith arugula salad, parmesan bruleed artichoke and curry lime prawns.

Bruleed bananas with nutella mousse. (better photos from another visit to Meditrina here)

See you tomorrow for Foodie Friday, in Portland!


  1. oh my god, jugs? for real?! i totally remember those...just the thought of them grosses me out now. haha! i really want to go to salt lake city in the summertime...chad lived there for a little under a year and we've only been back once...when it was snowy and cold. portland and salt lake are our two most favorite places to eat, ever! we get happy sumo and sage's cravings on the regular. we're totally going to portland next week...for 6 delicious days of eating...and, adventuring...but mostly eating. ;)
    can't wait!
    p.s. how fun would it have been if we were there at the same time?!
    ...if only. :)

  2. M, Salt Lake is beautiful in the winter, but just too cold! I would totally suggest visiting in the summer. The mountains are gorgeous and the weather is awesome. I totally miss it. Portland had so much food I was actually overwhelmed and I totally agree with you, SLC is one of my favorite cities to eat, surprisingly! If you love Happy Sumo, be sure to try Tsunami next time... and Sages, Sages will always have a special place in my heart. Make sure to try their tiramisu if you haven't! I'm totally jealous that you are going to Portland for SIX days next week! I look forward to seeing and hearing (and drooling over) your trip!