Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PRB in Las Vegas

Every year Jon participates in the Punk Rock Bowling tournament in Las Vegas. Last year it just so happened to fall on my birthday weekend and this year, Memorial. It's fun, but busy busy.

This year Jon's team placed 8th of 150 teams, which included an awesome $400 for the team and a sweet trophy. We also put $60 on black (roulette) and doubled our money :) Here are some nifty pictures from along the way and stay tuned for a food post later this week. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

jamba for the road

the best grilled cheese, other than my moms

shirt: old navy
cardigan: express
pants: joes
shoes: c/o blowfish
ring: thrifted
glasses: d&g
polish: light my sapphire by opi

cute little details

closest dunkin to home

oh you fancy huh? gelato from the forum shops at caesar's palace

new dress

after yelping pizza in vegas, this little "pizzeria" inside the new cosmopolitan came up. everyone said it was hidden, and boy was it ever. it's impossible to find without asking someone and is located down a very little hallway between all these fancy restaurants. finding it was a little adventure and even more rewarding because the pizza was tasty.

inside the aria

silly boys

bellagio gardens, my favorite part of vegas

whole foods pit stop before hitting the road, vegan black pepper chick'n salad


  1. I love that new dress, where is it from?!

  2. This makes me miss my bowling league. :( I love your bf's teams shirts! hahah

  3. I love that layered top, beautiful!


  4. Kim, the dress is from forever 21; outfit post to come, i'm sure.

    Megan, I think having a league would be so much fun! But I suck at bowling and I seem to always hurt my wrist because I can never roll the ball right :/

    Rebecca, I love this top too, but I have it in grey and after washing it, the layers shrunk and no longer lay flat... which looks weird to me!

  5. SO CUTE! Your shoes look fantastic as well as your self! I love bowling!! My dad was on his team in high school and has a trophy hehe. Congrats on your man's placement!

    Also, does your tattoo say "for better or worse"? It's gorgeous!

  6. Elise, that is in fact what it says :)

    And thanks!

  7. I played with all old people because I was in my grandpa's league. I think me and like one other guy were the same age and everyone else was 40+. It was a lot of fun. I took bowling classes growing up and my gpa has been bowling for like 30+ yrs so he taught me. You should have your bf teach you the proper ways to roll the ball!

  8. Oh and wear an arm brace! ;) I usually did. lol

  9. holy shit, ainsley. you are adorable.