Sunday, June 26, 2011

what's in my... fridge

Some of my most favorite entries by other bloggers have been the posts showing around where they live (here's mine) or what's inside their bags, it's a fun way of getting a little virtual peek into each others lives. This time around I wanted to share... my fridge!

Having a stocked and full fridge makes me a happy camper.

Freezer must-haves: edamame, pizzas, ice cream, apple blossoms and french fries. I also like to have numerous types of fake meats/chick'n, some rice, french onion soup and a couple frozen dinners (in this case: Amy's cheese enchiladas).

Fridge must-haves: DRINKS, all sorts of drinks: water, Sprite, Hansen's cherry vanilla creme soda, creme soda, root beer, Gatorade, soy milk, rice milk, coconut water, Simply raspberry lemonade, cran-peach juice, Dole orange pineapple banana juice, Newman's Own lemonade and various Coffee Mate's for our coffee. I also like to have the option of a million different condiments (yes, that is a dish full of Del Scorcho on the top shelf). I always like to have a few types of cheese and as for fruits and veggies: raspberries, artichokes, tomatoes and carrots are some of the necessities.


  1. I have two tabasco's! But I need to buy some Tapatio...

  2. Your fridge looks heavenly. I want to go shopping in it.

  3. I feel like I need to do one of these posts strictly to force me to clean my refrigerator; yours could easily be mistakin' for Martha Stewart's. : p

  4. haha, our fridge looks nearly the same, especially about the beverages part. we currently have: vanilla soy milk, rice milk, two kinds of almond milk, bubbly (italian blood orange soda), apple juice, oj, super green juice, orange vitamin water (1/2 a dozen bottles) and a 2 liter of coke! no joke! plus the filtered water in the door. we like drinks! :)

  5. Yesssss, I stay over stocked on Simply raspberry lemonade & edamame! :]

  6. Hot damn that is one organised fridge... I am jealous! Mine is in constant disarray. You can do an updated photo when your nz candy arrives haha. ;)

  7. Oh my - I want to eat just about everything in your fridge/freezer right now! Serves me right for checking it out just before lunch :)

    Quorn is the best! My fake meat stash is so bare right now - must restock soon!

  8. Mandi, if only everything I would have loved to get would actually fit ;)

    Carly Anne, please do! and post a link here after so we can all check it out!

    Lauren, great minds think alike ;)

    Millie, edamame is such a good and healthy snack! Plus it can be used in/for so many things!

    Lisa, I am looking forward to it :) ...I immediately went out and bought all of yours, but I'm still looking for a box to fit it all in so I can send it! Sorry for the delay.

    Caroline, I actually just had Quorn chick'n cutlets for dinner... they really are amazing! I hope you got to eat something wonderful for lunch :)